Throughout its history, Ecole PEG developed its own philosophy and values making it a renowned and highly regarded institution.


Our values

  • A personalized assistance (each student is different, his needs and expectations are addressed on a case by case basis).
  • Respect (we care about the students’ personal history, their life conditions, their possibilities and limits and their learning pace).
  • Availability (any time, students may need help and advice from the Directors, teachers and school staff. The PEG team is there to serve them whenever they want).
  • Quality of services (when the students are enrolled, they immediately place confidence in our experience and expertise. It is our duty to ensure classes and learning conditions meeting their expectations).
  • Conviviality (the school is a place to live – The sense of well-being and security must prevail. Conviviality encourages effective learning).
  • Openness and integration (pluralism of backgrounds and cultural diversity are wealth and allow dialogues, cultural identities and values respect. It encourages integration in our society).


Our pedagogical project

  • We are working on developing students’ skills and on allowing them to acquire knowledge in French as a foreign language through a wide range of courses, adapted to their expectations, in order to reach the training objectives within the deadlines set by the CEFR, Common European Framework of Reference
  • We are committed to excellence in our pedagogical project.


Our commitments

  • To our students, we are committed to providing quality services, to making every effort to reach fixed objectives and success in exams, to offer a pleasant and convivial learning environment.
  • To our colleagues, we are committed to ensuring correct and pleasant working conditions, to allowing career enhancement by contributing to the vocational training so that quality of our teaching can be improved.
  • To our partners, we are committed to working together in a spirit of trust, to sharing our experience and expertise, to working in accordance with the philosophy and values of each other.