Course description

Program :

  • Working on different topics related to daily life (housing, job, family, post office, banks, insurances, health, shopping, administration, …);
  • Working on the tenses and the grammar/sentence structure used in daily situations;
  • Practicing the language through simulations and role-playing exercises related to these daily situations.

Learning objectives :

  • Providing the learners with the basic tools of daily communication;
  • Spoken objectives: Being able to participate to different types of daily conversations and to carry out administrative procedures in order to organize one’s life;
  • Written objectives: Understanding short and simple texts, asking or sending information related to ordinary situations of the daily life.

Purposes :

  • Allowing learners to make themselves understood, to speak and communicate rapidly.
  • Preparing students for the FIDE test.

Certification :

Participation certificate issued by the school.

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CAF accepted

Course reference: 3808. School code: 248